Gift Guide for Her

Here is a round-up of gift ideas for the women in your life, gifts for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, aunt, mother-in-law, and more. Hopefully, you find this gift guide for her helpful.

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Gift Guide for Her
  1. Glitter Beanie & Gloves Boxed Set – this adorable cozy beanie and gloves set. I love pink the best (obviously) but it comes in 3 colors.
  2. Gradation Crewneck Sweater – a cute, cozy crewneck sweater.
  3. Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin – silk pillowcases are great for your skin, keeping your hair smooth, and reducing breakage. Silk pillowcases are also cooling!
  4. 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar – 25 Days of Beauty surprises for the product lover in your life!
  5. Plush Throw Blanket with Foot Pocket – Who doesn’t love blankets? I try to convince my Fiance you can really never have too many. A foot pocket to keep the blanket from coming off your feet is the way to go!
  6. Lay-N-Go Cosmetic Drawstring Bag – I’ve seen a couple of people I follow on Instagram use these, I love how everything is laid out so you can see everything without having to dig around, and then it just easily gathers back up! A great gift especially for those that love to travel!
  7. Amalia Jewelry Organizer – this decorative piece will keep her necklaces organized but most importantly it is a beautiful item for her home!
  8. Delicate Earring Set – pretty 3 piece earring set for adding to her collection.
  9. TRULY Mini Beauty Gift Set – give her the gift of some pampering with these popular beauty products!
  10. Delicate Monogram Necklace – for a personalized gift get her initial on this cute necklace.
  11. Stanley Travel Tumbler – Last year I had a cute pretty water bottle listed but that link was no longer active. This year everyone is talking about these travel tumblers which work great and are way more affordable than a Yeti.
  12. Go To Bed With Me Anti-Aging Night Routine – This is a great gift for her to pamper her skin. A complete evening routine, including a Pink Drink Essence and Ice Moisturizing Cream, with all the must-haves for smoother, renewed-looking skin.
  13. Mother of Pearl Frame – A beautiful frame that she will love to display anywhere in her home.
  14. Ui Mug & Warmer Set – This is a popular gift idea this year. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, you may have struggled with setting it down, forgetting about it, letting it get cold, and having to reheat it over and over!
  15. Maddie Crossbody – this cute and functional nylon Crossbody is perfect for your phone, wallet, keys, and other needed items without the bulk.
  16. Kindle Paperwhite – For the reader in your life a Kindle Paperwhite so the books they love to read are always at their fingertips!
  17. UGG Phoebe Wrap Cardigan – this fuzzy cardigan is perfect for being cozy and stylish during the colder months!
  18. Custome Name Bracelet Pink Opal – This bracelet would be a great gift for moms, Grandmas, aunts and more!
  19. Kimono Robe – cute robe for getting ready or loungeing around the house.
  20. Classic Tote Bag Engraved – A stylish bag that you can personalize so she will want to carry it with her everywhere!
  21. UGG Women’s Cozy Faux-Shearling Slippers – cozy UGG slippers are cute but most importantly perfect for lounging around the house.
  22. Premium Cheese Board and Knife Set –
  23. Matilda Pajama Set – comfy pajama set for lounging around.
  24. Fiorella Wine Glasses – beautiful wine glasses for the person who loves to entertain!
  25. Foot Massager – GIve the gift of relaxation with this heated foot massager!

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